Friday, June 26, 2009

The Other Paper Cover Story Lacto-intolerant

The Other Paper Cover Story Lacto-intolerant

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Kudos to Lauren!!!!
Hooray for Boobies!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Resources for Breastfeeding Printables

Hooray for Boobies! nursing picnic participants will not be able to hand out leaflets. However, we have some booths that are willing to distribute leaflets on our behalf. If participating, please consider printing out any quantity of any of the following and bringing them so that we can help spread the word and normalize breastfeeding.

There are some great handouts printable at the INFACT site... it all depends on what angle you want to go for

Are you wanting to present info against formula?

Support for nursing in public? I recommend the Indiscreet Breastfeeding Manifesto
*new! printable manifesto

Perhaps with the laws about nursing in public:

Breastfeeding Pocketguide

Please just make sure that you do not distribute any leaflets at the event, but give them to Lauren and she will make sure they get to a willing ComFest booth holder.

Hooray for Boobies! featured on NBC

Lauren did great in this interview.

Unfortunately, I feel that the folks at NBC did a kinda botch job on this one. Perhaps it was because they were going for a topless story, then at the last minute changed their minds to take on the nursing, combined the two and threw it together last minute. Also, the voice over has this tone to it that IMHO sounds a little judgmental/critical, instead of what I imagine a neutral genuine news story should have. I think they were trying to push controversy down the viewers throats, instead of showing support in a positive light to help normalize breastfeeding. Either way, we got some very much needed publicity and hopefully this will help increase participation at the picnic in Goodale Park. Just a reminder, the picnic will be at the playground; however, if there are enough participants, we believe it would be great for small groups to wander around nursing while they walk.