Friday, July 17, 2009

Formula Advertisements on my Blog

I'm very frustrated by the fact that my Google AdSense advertisements, based on content, apparently think that my site is about nursing covers and infant formula.

However, I do get paid every time someone clicks on them.

And after some thought about it, I realized that those companies GET CHARGED when someone clicks on them.

Is it underhanded and dirty to recommend that you click on those ads every time you visit my site and drain their marketing funds? All it requires is a click from you and simply close the window that opens, which will help me financially to be able to keep up my work promoting breastfeeding at the same time that you will be impacting the profits of the opposition.

Until I figure out how to get the ads to better reflect my content (surely other businesses wouldn't be keen on their competition being promoted on their blog, so there has to be a setting somewhere...) please feel free to click, click away!!!!

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