Friday, July 10, 2009

Facebook Account Disabled

Without warning or reason stated, my Facebook account was disabled on July 8, 2009.

Whether it was coincidence or not, it happened the moment I was sending a response to a mother who had been harassed for nursing at a children's hospital, discussing plans to coordinate a nurse-in and how to go about contacting hospital staff and submitting a press release.

Undoubtedly, my account was disabled solely due to my breastfeeding content and advocacy.

I have been sending e-mail upon e-mail with only bot responses so far.

It was interesting to note in a group on Facebook (427 members) for breastfeeding mothers who had their accounts disabled, that someone did some research and discovered that Nestle has a large financial investment in Facebook (we're talking millions of dollars here).

Facebook does not give reasons why accounts get disabled. They do not give any evidence to support their claims that you have violated their terms of service. In fact, they do not even state exactly which terms you might have violated. Accounts get disabled, the user protests by contacting them over and over and over until finally, the account is reinstated, all the content is intact and no one can ever say exactly what it was that caused the disruption in the first place.

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