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Powdered formula leading to brain damage and death in premies in America

I couldn't not post this once I had seen it.

I wish I could get a transcript, but basically, hospitals across the country are feeding powdered infant formula to premature babies, despite labels stating not to do so. Powdered infant formula is not sterile and can carry bacteria that leads to brain damage and death in preemies. There have been cases documented across America. Hospitals completely disregard the warnings on the labels.

When I googled it, I came up with these interesting results which I would like to share with you:

Now this blog I imagine addresses this issue, as it did come up in the search, but you'll have to look for it. Otherwise, a great site that when I have the time I will be browsing through.

Powdered Baby Formula Could Be Dangerous For Some Infants by Dave Savini

CHICAGO (CBS) ― A warning for parents: Milk-based powdered formula could put premature babies at risk.

And it is a possible cause for the death of an infant born at Rush-Copley Medical Center in Aurora and other babies across the country.

Connor McGray and his twin brother, Logan, were born prematurely on Nov. 16, 2007, at Rush-Copley.

Connor appeared to be the healthier of the two — until a week later when their parents, Amanda Carlin and Tim McGray of Somonauk, received a call from a doctor at the hospital, saying the infant was lethargic and refusing to eat.

Doctors discovered Connor had meningitis, McGray said, and "they basically told us, all we could do (was) pray."

The baby died at home on May 3, 2008, five months after he was born.
The cause of death listed on the baby's death certificate is hydrocephalus and bacterial meningitis. The bacterial infection, according to a memo from the Illinois Department of Public Health, "may be associated with the consumption of a powdered breast milk fortifier."

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Diluted formula almost kills baby

Free clip on MSN Video

Dec. 3: A baby nearly dies after his mother watered down formula to save money; NBC News chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman weighs in on the dangers of diluting infants’ milk powder.

Dec 03, 2008 - Flash - Diluted formula almost kills baby source


Milk powder poisons 432 babies

duplicate(s) from Reuters, Reuters

Sep 13 - China says it believes 432 babies across the country have been made ill with kidney stones after drinking milk powder contaminated with melamine.

Sep 13, 2008 - Flash - watch here - Milk powder poisons 432 babies source


Moms warned against diluting baby formula

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Dec. 2: Health officials are warning cash-strapped parents not to try to save money by watering down powdered baby formula after a five-month old Tampa boy almost died from malnourishment and water in... more

Dec 03, 2008 - Flash - Moms warned against diluting baby formula source


Baby milk recall spreads fear in China

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Sept. 17: The Chinese government has recalled 22 brands of milk powder after it was found that they are tainted with a banned chemical that has led to over 6000 babies falling sick. The same chemical ... more

Sep 18, 2008 - Flash - Baby milk recall spreads fear in China source

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